Graduate Program

The UCI Power Electronics Laboratory is now accepting domestic and international applications for its MS./Ph.D. program.

Successful candidates must have excellent background in electrical engineering, particularly in the area of power systems, power electronics, motor control, and/or micro electronics. Applicants with initiatives, team spirit, hands-on experience, excellent communication skills, and good writing skills will receive special consideration. TOEFL and GRE are required. Please contact Professor Smedley for information. The Power Electronics Laboratory at the University of California, Irvine, is a state-of-the-art of research facility. It enjoys international reputation for its innovative research and high quality Ph.D. students. Research in the Power Electronics Laboratory at UCI involves power electronics for power system applications, power system modeling, renewable energy power generation, energy storage, grid support, smart grid, fault current limiting as will as micro power electronics on chips.

With the Pacific Ocean to the west, and the desert and the Santa Ana Mountains to the east, Orange County offers year-round recreation in a variety of settings: rugged wilderness, sandy beaches and cosmopolitan city life. The region is also a burgeoning area for the high technology industry, and is poised to become a hub for technological research and development in the 21st century. The close proximity of the campus to aerospace, biomedical, communications, power electronics, and computer companies presents unique opportunities to students, as it facilitates interaction between academia and industry. The campus provides access to the high technology industry of Orange County, and diverse cultural and recreational opportunities.

Application can be filed electronically: ELECTRONIC APPLICATION, APPLY NOW!